• Title CattleCare, modernización de las explotaciones ganaderas mediante el control de la actividad animal y los recursos alimenticios
  • Partners Gradiant
  • Funding Conecta PEME
  • Opening / Ending February 2016 / November 2018

The main objective of the CATTLECARE project is the modernization of Galician farms by developing a series of tools to improve their management at various levels. On the one hand, it is intended to improve monitoring of cattle by providing detailed data on its behavior. Analysis of these data will allow the extraction of patterns of activity and subsequent detection of anomalies, such as strange animal behavior, that are expected to serve as indicators of illness, periods of heat or delivery processes. In addition, this monitoring will maintain a record of the evolution of the animal during their stay at the facility. On the other hand, it aims to improve the management of resources on farms, especially in relation to food that is stored on the premises, through automation and optimization of logistics distribution.