• Nombre proyecto CANDELA, intelligent and connected luminaire, following the internet of things paradigm
  • Supporting entities Gradiant, UVigo
  • Funding Conecta PEME program
  • Opening / Ending February 2016 / November 2018

Candela project aims to advance the field of SmartCities by creating a set of tailored solutions to model, optimize and act in real time on the entire public lighting system. In this project, the consortium members use the latest technologies such as LIDAR (Light Detection and Ranging), Big Data, IoT and LED technologies.

The project proposes a model of “smart and connected luminaire, following the paradigm of Internet of things”, as explained by the project leaders, which will allow the assessment of the current situation, which in turn has control capabilities of communications from a control center in SmartCity concept. The luminariae are able to check their status, measure consumption, calculate life expectancy, etc., to adapt the lighting to the needs of every moment and every place, and have a more efficient and automated control system. So far, with current conventional lighting systems “is not possible to perform network optimization and adaptation to the demands of the urban space that is intended to serve”.