• Title ARQUEOPTERIX (Adaptive and Responsive QUality On demand based on realtime Protocol and extreme encoding)
  • Consortium NOKIA, Brainstorm, Innovati, MashmeTV, OptivaMedia, TRC, MasMovil Ibercom
  • Supporting entities Gradiant
  • Funding CIEN
  • Opening / Ending January 2016 / March 2019

Arqueopterix is a project aimed at improving the user experience in interactive video applications on fixed and mobile networks, with special applicability in the entertainment industry (virtualized games, online multiplayer games) but also in applications of any type virtualized, where a smooth user experience is expected. The project is supported by letters of support from operators and companies, which foresee a high commercial potential in the exploitation of the technologies to be developed and that will provide benefits to both operators and service providers (OTTs) and therefore, to the end users. To achieve it, the combined use of these new technologies will be implemented: Real-time measurement of the quality of an e2e connection through the implementation of the IETF Q4S protocol. Integration of the Q4S stack into virtualization software to take actions at the application level, such as fps selection, resolution change or game-sped reduction in a multi-user game if there are latency differences between the participants. Implementation of an element of action on the network elements of the operator (policy server) to provide a higher quality of connection a data flow, from the information provided by Q4S. This is what we will call “dynamic quality on demand”. Implementation of a new technology (totally free and without patents) coding called “logarithmical hopping encoding” that allows to reduce the coding time of the video while reducing the consumption of bandwidth versus quality, based on research published by members of the consortium of this project in the magazine IET Image Processing.