• Title Ad-hoc Docker infrastructure manager
  • Consortium EURESCOM - European Institute for Research and Strategic Studies; B-COM; Easy Global Market; Instituto de Telecomunicações - ITAv; Telefónica I+D - TID; Universidad Carlos III de Madrid; University of Bristol; University of Patras; Universidade Federal de Uberlândia; University of São Paulo
  • Supporting entities Gradiant
  • Funding H2020
  • Opening / Ending November 2018 / December 2019

ADOCKER will provide a new Open Source MANO VIM plugin to integrate a new container-capable infrastructure within 5GINFIRE platform. This plugin communicates with a custom middleware, developed by Gradiant, that sits on top of Kubernetes.


With this infrastructure, ADOCKER will allow 5GINFIRE experimenters to use, as part of the platform, their own computers and hardware and to integrate remote docker-enabled hardware just by executing a simple command on it. In addition, this remote infrastructure manager will also be able to manage ARM hardware, making possible the usage of small footprint and low consumption hardware for the experiments.