• Title ACE (Advanced Cutaneous Evaluator)
  • Partners Gradiant, Fundación Biomédica Galicia Sur (FBGS)
  • Opening September 2017

ACE is an intelligent system to help diagnosis and decision-making in the treatment of chronic wounds.

Chronic wounds are a serious problem, both for its impact and its prevalence. The cost of treating chronic wounds in Spain exceeds 5% of the annual expenditure of health, comparable to other diseases that at first glance may be more important, such as AIDS or type II diabetes. In addition, its management is especially complex because there is a recognized variability in treatment, the large number of products available in the catalog, and the lack of experience of the nursing base.


ACE provides a mobile application for healthcare professionals which, based on a photograph, is able to recommend the most appropriate topical treatment for a wound. For this, ACE uses image processing modules based on deep learning that allow to recognize up to 6 types of tissues in the wound (necrotic, slough, granulated, epithelial, macerated and erythema) and is based on the most recent clinical practice guidelines for the treatment of chronic wounds.

This system meets the goal of reducing the evaluation time, increasing the reliability of it and reducing the number of misapplied dressings. All this results in a faster, more reliable, efficient and lower cost performance