• Title CPPLEAN, Optimization of manufacturing resources with a Discrete Event Simulator based CPPS
  • Consortium CTI, DINAK, GRADIANT
  • Funding H2020
  • Opening / Ending November 2016 / November 2017

Gradiant is developing a discrete event simulator based tool as a Finite Capacity Scheduler to optimize all manufacturing orders and processes of a factory. Our simulator will act as a Cyber Physical Production System, monitoring the physical resources of a shop-floor to control the complete production chain and its performance. The proposed software will be designed with the ability to process a huge amount of data relating to both the state of the factory and its production processes, to learn and evolve with the experience and time, resulting in a Big Data based scheduler application to minimize the impact of incidents on productivity and optimize fabrication costs.

BEinCPPS is a project funded by the European Union Framework Programme for Research and Innovation Horizon 2020 under Grant agreement n° 680633