selfie&sign by Gradiant is a secure and easy-to-use solution for mobile biometric authentication. Gradiant’s experience in facial recognition has allowed to develop techniques for anti-spoofing attacks.

selfie&sign secures facial recognition technology with an advanced anti-spoofing mechanism based on simultaneous handwritten signature verification. Our solution incorporates these technological innovations, especially in dealing with the customer and digital on boarding services.

Designed for mobile mobile biometric authentication

  • It is far more secure than face-only authenticators
  • Through the use of simultaneous signature verification, selfie&sign prevents from photos, videos, and even 3D mask spoofing attacks
  • It is much more discreet than other face anti-spoofing systems. Forget about weird phone and head movements or awkward face expressions in public: just sign while your face is automatically analysed
  • Fully embedded in your mobile phone: no servers required for processing