LifeSensor by Gradiant is a remote liveness detection technology, based on respiratory monitoring and agitation measuring. Our solution allows to monitor the respiratory rhythm and movement of a person in a non-invasive way, optimizing surveillance by means of a radar system that detects the existence or absence of breathing.

The UWB technology used has a detection range of up to six meters, but also works through materials such as clothing, wood or briks. This device can be also used to detect non-respiration events and to monitor a person’s state, by measuring their respiratory rate and the agitation level during sleep.

Technology for life monitoring

  • Real-time alarms to warn of any significant interruption of breathing
  • Non-invasive cordless device oriented to monitor people in vulnerable situations
  • Measures through materials (sheets, mattresses and bricks)
  • Monitoring people in rooms/cells (smart homes, geriatrics, psychiatric institutions, and detention cells)
  • Sleep monitoring and sleep apnea diagnosis
  • Search and rescue of people trapped under debris near the surface
  • Supports and assures privacy