faceIDNN by Gradiant brings Deep Learning-based face recognition technology for user identity verification in digital onboarding and KYC processes. Remote and secure users’ identity verification has become one major need for companies with outstanding digital businesses.

Along with trust and confidence, there is a clear need for improving user experience. faceIDNN enables both, secure and frictionless user’s identity verification: your customer only needs to take a selfie and a photo of his/her ID card, faceIDNN does the rest.

Verify your customers’ identity remotely

Providing a good user experience in KYC scenarios is a challenge for companies in the need of complying with legislation requirements and preventing fraud and money laundering. faceIDNN helps companies to meet usability and security needs:

  • Verifies your customer’s face against the photograph in his/her ID card, driving license or passport, powered by deep learning algorithms
  • Perfectly fits in onboarding processes requiring user’s ID card or passport verification
  • Prevents from spoofing attacks by exploiting liveness detection mechanisms that combine collaborative and non-collaborative techniques



This project has been co-funded by Xunta de Galicia (Galician Regional Government) by Ignicia Programme (IN8555A IGNICIA Proba de Concepto)