Counter UAS by Gradiant provides people and infrastructures protection against malicious or negligent use of drones.

There is a real problem nowadays regarding incidents caused by UAS, which can have serious consequences in the hands of organized crime or terrorist groups; or drone users who compromise the security of strategic national infrastructures.

Our system is specially conceived for security and defence at airports, prisons or correctional facilities, government buildings, for the security of recreational or sporting events; and to be used by armies or security forces. Counter UAS by Gradiant guarantees security against drone attacks in a security perimeter, avoiding potential damage to critical infrastructures or civilians.

UAS threat protection

Counter UAS by Gradiant can automatically detect, classify, track and neutralize drones within a security perimeter, thus guaranteeing infrastructure and people protection.

Our system is modular, scalable and decentralized and can operate 24/7, either autonomously or commanded by an operator.

Counter UAS by Gradiant integrates complementary detection, analysis and neutralization technologies in 3 independent modules:

  • smartEar: provides detection, classification and tracking of UAS based on RF analysis (signal intelligence)
  • smartEye: provides detection, classification and tracking of UAS using passive EO/IR sensors and video analytics
  • smartJam: is an adaptive waveform smart jamming generator that covers GNSS, command & control and payload frequencies

Counter UAS by Gradiant has been deployed in real scenarios jointly with different Law Enforcement Agencies.