Counter Fi by Gradiant is a sensor capable of detecting, classifying and locating UAS that use the WiFi standard as a communications system, also neutralizing drones that may pose a threat.

Our solution can be used in many different scenarios such as airports, power stations, prisons, training areas, sports stadiums, government buildings or events.

Designed for the defense and security sector, Counter Fi can perform drone neutralization autonomously or commanded. In addition, it offers an SDK that allows to configure the sensor and receive the alerts through an IP interface through JSON messages.

Neutralization of unauthorized UAS effectively:

Counter Fi is a 100% passive sensor compatible with 2.4 and 5.8 GHz WiFi controlled drones, specifically Parrot Family and WiFi based DJI. This sensor can be used in multiple scenarios and/or different conditions and UAS neutralization is based on cyberattacks.

Compatible counter measurements are land, turn off, remove controller control, block video and telemetry and have two modes of operation: “Standalone” and “Directed Operation”.

Technical details:

  • Hadware: Odroid C2 Single board computer with Linux SO, 3 USB WiFi adapters, Hub, selectable power supply: AC, DC or battery
  • In the detection phase: Compatible with 2.4 and 5.8 GHz, Detection range up to 1,500 meters, detection time: < 2″, supply of drone and controller MAC address, make and model
  • In the neutralization phase: Different counter measures: land, turn off, remove control from the controller, block video and telemetry, send false orders. Time to neutralize: 3 seconds (after pressing “neutralize”)



Counter Fi


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