BlackICE HSM by Gradiant provides a software solution that simplifies integration and management of cryptographic hardware (HSMs) with financial services and applications.

Financial institutions own strong cryptographic systems based on hardware to protect the financial transactions of their clients. Although HSMs provide a secure tamper resistant environment, they require specific expertise to integrate them with financial services because of their limited low level interfaces.

According to the digital transformation in the financial institutions, it is necessary to adapt the solutions provided by HSMs vendors to more dynamic scenarios capable of assimilating the new digital services. BlackICE HSM by Gradiant solves the complexity related to HSMs usage and management, facilitating the integration with the business processes.

Make the most out of your financial HSMs

BlackICE HSM by Gradiant enables the deployment of scalable architectures making a more efficient HSMs usage:

  • Easy integration with the financial services and applications: A common high level interface regardless of underlying HSMs infrastructure. SDK for several programing languages
  • Support for multiple HSMs vendors: No vendor lock-in. Key magration processes among different vendors
  • Centralized management and monitoring: External and secure key storage. Full audit log. Making easier the audit processes
  • Secure HSMs sharing: HSMs are shared among services and application efficiently (production, backup and testing). Minimise the HSM number