Alivetor by Gradiant is a drone payload designed for the detection of victims after earthquakes and other catastrophic situations resulting in people trapped under debris. Our system can detect respiration and movement through different materials. The drone can move quickly and over any terrain.

Designed for alive victims detection, Alivetor is the new tool for first responders that allows them to find survivors in a quick and reliable way. It works in a three-step procedure: the drone flights to different locations inside the collapsed area, lands at them and senses the area below the drone.

Technology for saving lives

Radiofrequency technology used in Alivetor guarantees that only alive victims are detected (whether awake or unconscious). Our solution is a drone payload, meaning that broad areas can be covered in a short time.

Alivetor has two modules:

  • The payload is a small and light module with low electric consumption, able to find victims covered by layers of rubble wider than 30 cm and several meters of air.
  • The control unit is the module designed to consult the detection results and the locations where the drone has performed sensings.



Alivetor has won the Galicia Challenge of the European Satellite Navigation Competition (ESNC) 2017. Vigo Free Trade Zone is the organizer of the European Satellite Navigation Competition in Galicia, also with the collaboration of University of Vigo, CINAE, Campus do Mar and atlanTTic.







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