Gradiant achieves record R&D revenues after growing 15% in 2021

The Galician RTO opened new headquarters with more than 1600 m2 dedicated to technology innovation

The quantum technology, transversal axis of the strategic plan 2024


Gradiant reaches in 2021 its historical record of income, with 6 million euros in R&D projects conceived and developed from Galicia. The Centro Tecnolóxico de Telecomunicaciones (Gradiant) has increased its turnover by 15.4% compared to the previous year, with a 50.2% growth in the sale of patents and licenses and 71.2% in projects commissioned directly by companies.

Gradiant has presented this morning its results and its strategic plan until 2024 in its new headquarters in Avenida de Madrid in Vigo, which will allow it to promote a large test and trial centre for the new 5G technology in Galicia and to increase its collaboration with Galician companies, especially with SMEs. The inauguration was attended by the second vice-president and Regional Minister of Economy, Business and Innovation, Francisco Conde López; the director of the Galician Innovation Agency (GAIN), Patricia Argerey; the president and vice-president of the Gradiant Board of Trustees, Alfredo Ramos and José Luis Albo, respectively; the general manager, Luis Pérez Freire; the manager, Fernando Jiménez and the members of the Gradiant Strategic Advisory Council.

The development of its own innovation solutions and technological patents has allowed Gradiant to multiply by 35 the sales of its licences in the last five years and it already represents more than 10% of the total income. Currently, public administrations and companies from Germany, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico or Vietnam, among others, have opted for them.

Gradiant has provided its developments to more than 70 companies last year, including multinationals such as Navantia or the Spanish Army.


Strategic Plan 2022-2024

After having doubled its size (in employment and turnover) in a decade (2011-21), Gradiant faces a new era of more ambitious growth. The new strategic plan 2022-2024 plans to consolidate its position of relevance in areas of technological specialisation and increase the impact of its research and technological developments in Galicia. One of its objectives is to strengthen its approach to Galician companies to enable them to gain greater knowledge and acceptance of the advantages of technologies such as artificial intelligence or large-scale data analysis.

The main lines of research for the coming years focus on the development of 5G and quantum technology, artificial intelligence and cybersecurity. The aim is to develop environmentally friendly digital tools with simplified implementation and low-power solutions.

“Our main objective is to increase our capacity to take on more ambitious projects and to increase our cooperation with the Galician business community, generating confidence in the technological transition. In just over 10 years, we have located in Galicia a qualified employment base of engineers, researchers and experts in developing innovation in the field of telecommunications, which are essential for Galicia to achieve its technological sovereignty,” says Luis Perez Freire, CEO of Gradiant.


European leaders in tumour cells detection

Gradiant is a non-profit foundation, with 140 researchers (mostly telecommunications and computer engineers) and headquartered in Vigo, whose R&D&I products are mainly dedicated to improve the technology of Galician companies and sectors. In 2021, the centre has been part of several projects with an international dimension. Among them: