SIMPLIFY aims to offer support tools to help educators better understand the learning process and problems of their students, devoting less effort to the more routine tasks of monitoring and providing a mechanism for reinforcing learning.

SIMPLIFY facilitate working smart in the classroom. Its aim is to measure the progress of student learning by applying own fields of learning analytics and psychometrics techniques. The system continuously analyzes data produced by students in their interaction with the educational environment and generates a visual model student.

Intelligently determines what information is relevant to the teacher in a given context and the sample, avoiding excess information that leads to a phenomenon of paralysis by analysis. In turn, frees teacher time by eliminating manual tasks information management and enables the application of new teaching methods.

Gradiant has an eLearning specialized team. Its professionals have both pedagogical and technological knowledge, acting as facilitators of technologists and educationalists work. They are specialists in learning analytics and psychometrics. Within SIMPLIFY, Gradiant is responsible for the development of Pure R&D modules, especially the Psychometric engine that powers the whole system.