Miguel Regueiro went as speaker TIC to TIC conference

In turn, Luis A. Álvarez Sestelo has given a course about confidentiality management in research centers.

The conference TIC to TIC was organized by INEO and was developed last 29th of June in the Confederación de Empresarios de A Coruña Headquarter. Miguel Regueiro gave a conference with the title “Innovation in Galician research centers”.

It was aimed to INEO members and to Galician companies of the ICT sector in general. The objective was to provide to ICT companies with knowledge about the different projects that are being developed in Spain and in Galicia for the enhancement of the ICT services and products, to meet the interlocutor and cooperation facilitator between Galician SMEs and large enterprises at the national level, as well as learn the tools, to give help and support for the development of the potential knowledge in SMEs and Galician micro SMEs and strengthen the Galician ICT sector in one of the 7 factors of competitiveness are essential for meeting the challenges imposed by the crisis and the global market.


For his part, Luis A. Alvarez Sestelo conducted within the telematics safety course organized by the University of Vigo, a lecture about the importance of confidentiality management in research centers, especially when they work on many projects together with companies that are competition to each other. In a world where the innovative ideas rule, the confidentiality is one of the greatest bases and assets of the centers