Gradiant takes its technologies for security and privacy to the Latin American market.

The sixth edition of the Fair of Justice and Technology meets in Paraguay the judiciaries of the 23 member countries of the Iberoamerican Judicial Summit, in order to promote the exchange of experiences and best ICT practices applied to justice, and to generate a common space in wich judiciaries share knowledge, new technological challenges and lessons learned regarding this field.

The Supreme Court of Justice of Paraguay promotes the exchange of best practices not only among the Latin American judiciaries, but also between public and private institutions related to the Justice Sector. ICT companies and institutions, such as Gradiant, who will present there their latest technological developments for justice institutions and professionals.

Gradiant is present with a booth at the fair, with developments such as Shadow, Gradiant’s documental traceability and security solution; Sign3r, Gradiant’s platform for document security and signature management system; and Gradiant’s biometric security systems.

In Gradiant we have great experience in security and privacy. Our journey in this line is supported by the development of a large number of secure solutions, tailored to the specific needs of our customers and applicable in various fields.

In Gradiant we work in the field of multimedia security, aimed at ensuring the integrity and traceability of documents. Our facial recognition, signature and voice biometric technologies offer additional security guarantees.

In our developments we follow the principles of security and privacy by design, taking confidentiality, privacy and integrity of information into account.

Gradiant has extensive experience in projects related to privacy and security, such as SCAPE or PRISMED, and participating in European projects like PRIPARE (Preparing the industry for Privacy-by-design), and WITDOM, as 3rd party for UVigo. Also, Gradiant belongs to entities such as Biometrics Institute, AEI Ciberseguridad, and the Circulo Foundation.

During the fair, Gradiant will have the opportunity to meet potential customers from American countries like United States, Guatemala, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Panama, Puerto Rico, Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Paraguay, Peru, or Uruguay.

Download here more information about Shadow, our document traceability and security platform.

Download here more information about Sign3r, our solution document security and management of handwritten signature.

Download here more information about our biometric security technologies.

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