Gradiant researchers enjoy a creativity day with Terras Gauda’s researchers

In the innovation world, no matter the area: the creativity is always something basic and it can be teached and formalized. Imagination is the basis in problem solving. Gradiant researcher have shared a different day with Bodegas Terras Gaudas’s researchers, in a pioneering initiative in Galicia.Following the creativity stimulation, motivation and work in creative environment philosophy, Gradiant has organized, together with Bodegas Terras Gauda, a knowledge exchange day between different fields researchers. The researchers left their office without knowing the destination, to the Bodegas Terras Gauda, to participate in a day to learn how to develop and to focus their creativity, supported by their colleagues from the winery.

Telecommunications and the wine world seem, at first glance, two totally opposite worlds, but the reality is that in each one a significant dose of work and research and, above all, creativity and imagination is required.

jornada creatividad

A day for ideas Exchange
On this day, rearchers from both institutions have enjoyed different activities. The winery responsible teached them how to prune a vineyard and gave an explanation about the importance and need of innovation in the primary sector, as well as how Terras Gauda is doing that keeping in mind customer orientation.
In the afternoon, I was presented a creative challenge to be faced by teams and submited to a court of specialists from different areas (finance, marketing, industry…) who decided in which team they would invest their money.

The question was, definitively, to brake the daily, changing the context and to exercise the creativity and imagination to be aware of the different processes trough which one has an idea, to formalize it and make the most.
“It was an excellent experience. Apart from breaking the routine, we have shown to researchers, working in any field, that creativity can be trained and improved. It is an experience that we hope to repeat and we will recommend to all institutions and business”, Luis A. Álvarez Sestelo Gradiant’s COO and one of the promoters of the idea said

Two examples of Galicia R&D

This meeting takes place between two leading entities in R & D & I in Galicia, each one in its field: a technology center focused on research and development and a company whose priority is quality and customer satisfaction. Bodegas Terras Gauda is a traditional researcher and has always made a strong commitment to R & D as a differentiator to provide higher quality products: to research and provide continuous improvement to ensure uniqueness in their wines, as well as for more regular harvests. The projects includes the clonal selection of Albariño grapes since 2002 and is conducted in collaboration with the CSIC, another selection and isolation of yeasts ecotypes, being Bodegas Terras Gauda the only winery that has a yeast Alvarinho own patented CSIC, another on the maceration of the three varieties of grapes and on the effect of yeast on manoproteínas wines. In addition, the winery is working with the Centro Superior de Investigaciones Científicas (MBG) in a study of indigenous minorities.
In turn, the Foundation Center Tecnolóxico Telecommunications Galicia, Gradiant, created just over a year, represents the highest level of R & D throughout the region in the telecommunications sector, and aims to lead the generation and transmission of knowledge in this field. In the center, where researchers from eleven engineers and doctors are working, are carring out different projects in many different fields, from security systems based on biometric recognition, human-machine interfaces, content and audio-visual formats to multimedia security. Gradiant is working at the same time in new technologies and science promotion focussed on Galician youth.