Gradiant reinforces its Security & Privacy Team

Juan González, new Security & Privacy Lead at Gradiant


Juan joins Gradiant to lead the Security & Privacy Team. His experience, knowledge and motivation will definitively help Gradiant to boost Security and Privacy, an strategic line for the Centre.

Juan González Martínez (Vigo, 1976), received his degree in Telecommunications Engineering from the University of Vigo. Juan has worked both in public and private sectors, gaining ICT experience in the financial, banking, healthcare and telco sectors.

Throughout his professional career, he has participated in technological projects covering the subjects of security, systems, architecture and communications. His special interest in security issues led him to leading security developments in several of the mentioned projects. Before joining Gradiant, he was Technology Innovation and Telecommunications manager for the Galician Government.

Gradiant is already present in forums and organizations in the field of security and cyber security at an international level, such as ECSO (European Cyber Security Organisation) as a founding member; or as Renic (Network of National Excellence for Innovation in Cyber Security).

Gradiant’s security capabilities are guaranteed by the development of a large number of secure technological solutions, applying the principles of security & privacy by design. Solutions such as those based on encrypted domain data processing (which allow analysis while preserving the privacy and the identity of the users). Or the ones based on homomorphic encryption and secure hardware modules (HSMs) for performing operations in the cloud with encrypted data. Gradiant has also applied the paradigm ofsecure IoT (Internet of Things) in real scenarios in which the security plays a key role. Gradiant develops biometric technologies based on facial recognition, handwritten signature or voice recognition. Gradiant works on drones and UAVs technologies to prevent GPS signal spoofing, for instance, to protect unmanned vehicles operations. In addition, Gradiant performs intelligent video analysis and processing os video signals to automate and simplify the monitoring and surveillance in complex environments (for example,video surveillance, or real time video feeds from drones or UAVs).