Gradiant organizes two events in Brussels that will address the future of the Internet of things in the European Primary Sector

  • On Jan 14th, Gradiant moderates a high level panel focused on the adoption of digital technologies in the European agricultural sector. The panel brings together representatives of the European Parliament, the United Kingdom administration and the executive of Galicia, as well as representatives of producers of agricultural machinery and European agricultural cooperatives.
  • On Jan. 15th, Gradiant organizes a workshop gathering representatives of the European Commission, and the AIOTI Alliance. In addition, leading companies, associations of producers and other European institutions, will also be represented. The objective of the workshop is the dissemination of the Document of Recommendations that the Alliance for Innovation in Internet of Things (AIOTI) has sent to the European Commission for the launch of large scale pilots on Smart Farming & Food Security.

Gradiant, the Galician ICT R&D Center, is organizing on 14 and 15 January in Brussels, a first level panel and a workshop about AIOTI’s recommendations for large scale pilots. Such recommendations are the first results of the work of AIOTI, the Alliance called to lead innovations and deployment of the Internet of Things (IoT) technologies in the coming years.

The panel of experts on Jan. 14th is entitled ‘Accelerating the adoption of Smart Farming in Europe’. Gradiant has involved several representatives of the European Parliament, UK Government, the Association of agricultural machinery manufacturers (CEMA), the European Association of agricultural producers and cooperatives (Copa-Cogeca), and the Galician Government; to participate in such panel. Luis Pérez Freire, Gradiant’s Executive Director and AIOTI WG06 Chair, will moderate the debate.
During Jan. 15th wokshop, the European Commission (DG Connect and DG Agri) will provide first-hand information on its call for large scale pilots on Smart Farming & Food Security. On top of that, AIOTI will disseminate the work that has been carried out within the WG06 (which Gradiant leads) during 2015.

The aforementioned workshop aims foster the role of the end users in the design, deployment and application of the IoT technologies. Therefore, the second part of the event is centered on the demand side: farmers, cooperatives, machinery manufacturers, food industries, logistics, retailers and consumers. Among others, this part of the event will include representatives of companies and producers, plus other institutions linked to the sector. The demand for attending this event has been outstanding.