Gradiant impulses a big technological leap for European primary sector


Internet of Things (IoT) has become an essential tool for understanding the future of economic and social activity worldwide. According to Gartner, 25.000 billion devices will be connected to Internet in 2020. The estimated figure for the end of 2015 is 5,000 million.

Saving energy, improve food quality, improve traffic, and improve healthcare assistancy, are just a small part of the benefits these technologies bring It is estimated that the revenues generated by Internet of Things will reach 400 million by 2015 in Europe alone, and that this figure will rise to over one billion euros by 2020.
The IoT will enable companies evolve from their traditional business models to more profitable and efficient ones, introduce new products and services on their markets, and substantially improve the service given to their customers, while improving companie’s internal processes

August 7, 2015 | Gradiant

We can not say that IoT is an unexplored field nowadays, but truth be told, it’s still at an early stage of development. Therefore, the time to bet on it is now. The European Commission shares this view and therefore has launched the Alliance for Innovation in the Internet of Things (AIOTI), in which GRADIANT takes part

The new Alliance brings together several of the largest technology companies operating in Europe, such as Samsung, Siemens, Telefonica, IBM,or Cisco, mixed with top-of-the-line R&D and research centers at European level, such as GRADIANT, who has been chosen to lead the working group on Smart Farming & Food Safety.

AIOTI seeks to promote innovation in the european industry, and to define a common framework for research in this field of technology, while contributing to innovation, standardization and future regulations on IoT.

With this new platform, the different actors in the field of IoT will help Europe to stand as world leader in this field, and will favor the creation a single digital market for IoT in the European Union, including all possible fields of action regarding this new technologies.

Among the objectives set by the Working Groups of AIOTI is setting a group of recommendations regarding the development of a series of large-scale innovation pilots on IoT, wich will start from 2017 and will be funded by the European program for innovation Horizon 2020.

GRADIANT, as chair of the Working Group 6 at AIOTI, is immersed during this present months in the preparation of a document of recommendations for a large-scale pilot at European level in the field of Smart Farming and Food Safety. A document that arises from the contributions of a large group of experts and public and private entities, both in the farming sector and in the technology sector. This set of recommendations is still open to receive assets from relevant stakeholders in both fields of interest.

In addition to this activities regartding Smart Farming and Food Security, AIOTI also has other working groups IoT about standardization, governance policies (trust, security, liability and privacy), intelligent environments for elder people (smart home), smart cities, wearables, smart water management, mobility, and intelligent manufacturing.