Gradiant takes part in eRum 2018


eRum is the main European meeting for professional users of the R programming language

Budapest host this event, taking place from May 14th to 16th

Gradiant is participating in the European R Users Meeting (eRum 2018), an international conference that aims to meet and transfer knowledge between professional users of the free software environment and programming language R, focused on statistical analysis. The event is taking place in Budapest (Hungary) from May 14th to 16th, and is the third edition to be celebrated in Europe, as the first meeting was in 2016.

eRum 2018 includes three intense days of conferences, workshops and activities related to this type of language, one of the most used in fields such as statistics or machine learning.

Formation and expertise diffusion on professional environment

Our colleagues Marta Sestelo and Nora M. Villanueva, researchers in INetS and Services and Applications area at Gradiant respectively who, in addition to attending to know the latest developments in this field and to be informed, present Finding groups in time-to-event data by means of the clustcurv package a work which an R package has been developed that allows grouping survival curves using clustering or grouping techniques.

“Attending eRum is important to us to keep up to date with new developments in the field of statistics and also to make our work visible for the data community of scientists” says Sestelo, who is also presenting another work, survidm: Inference and Prediction in an Illness-Death multi-state Model, a library for this programming language that allows to make inferences and obtain nonparametric predictions in multi-state models.

Results of both works have direct application in different sectors, such as engineering, banking, medicine or aquaculture where it is necessary to estimate the probability of a specific event occurring beyond a given period of time. Examples of such events could be a one-piece failure, defaulters or crop mortality, such fish in a fish farm.

Nora M. Villanueva affirms that “whatever we learn here is useful for us to apply in our daily work with the different technologies in which Gradiant is an international expert, such as the eLearning projects applied in the classroom“.

As well as other events in the same field such as useR! European R Users Meeting 2018 is a non-profit conference promoted by the professional community that uses R as a programming language, which in this edition includes the local R users’ group, eRum 2016, R Forwards and R Ladies, among others.

For this edition, the organizers are expecting more than 500 professionals from 19 different countries to attend these conferences, which are attended by more than twenty speakers from different universities and internationally renowned companies such as Rstudio, Microsoft,, Mango Solutions, etc.