Gradiant Demographics technology, successfully tested in UK stores.

Esteban Vázquez Fernández

With the help of Bi3 (trading partner in Britain for GRADIANT: ICT R&D Center of Galicia) our demographic analysis technology has been validated in a store of the largest distributor of mobile phones in the UK, while equaling or even improving the performance of leading systems of international manufacturers.

This is a huge leap towards reaching UK’s markets with our technologies on demographics and intelligent video analysis.

“It was the clearest demonstration of the competitiveness of Gradiant’s technology against when confronting its results with products from technology giants worldwide” declares Daniel Ramos,International Sales Manager at Gradiant

Gradiant Demographics can automatically extract the demographics data (age and sex) of the public who enters a particular store, in addition to its presence time and active attention span. In addition, Gradiant Demographics is also appliable to Digital Signage: Marketers using our solution can adapt the contents displayed to customers, using their gender, age, presence time and span of attention information.

Gradiant Demographics allows much more accurate advertising impacts, better segmenting of target audiences and solid demographic arguments, increasing the effectiveness of advertising campaigns. In the same way, it improves the effectiveness of product-placement techniques.

All this intelligence is deployed in compliance of local regulations about the protection of personal data, as Gradiant Demographics system does not store personal data.

Esteban Vázquez Fernández

The system automatically detects and analyzes faces present into video feeds in real time. Demographic information is obtained using advanced facial analysis techniques.

After real-time processing, the system sends the information to a remote secure database, which centralizes and stores all data in a totally secure manner. This allows quick response to particular events or situations that require speed reactions, along with a fast analysis of the information.

Beyond its use in the advertising industry, this system can also be used for custom media content recommendation, adaptated and user-improved user interfaces, or even to enhance and personalize the assistance systems for the elderly.
Bi3 has also carried our technologies appliable to marketing and retail to the “SecurityTwenty16″ event, organized by “Proffesional Security Magazine” on UK and Ireland, with considerable success in terms of attracting potential customers that may be interested in using our technological solutions. “Proffesional Security Magazine” is the reference publication in Britain on professional security.