Gradiant attend at Conference&Jail Expo2018


Conference&Jail Expo is one of the largest conferences on innovation and security for improving the functioning of prison

Sacramento host this event, taking place from April 21th to 25th

Gradiant will attend the Conference&Jail Expo 2018, an international event that brings together in the same space conferences, exhibitions and debates on security innovation to improve the operation of local prison facilities in the U.S. The event will take place in Sacramento on 21 to 25 April and is expected to be attended by more than 2,200 participants

Education, products and services related to ICT, technologies based on the identification of individuals, architecture, security and surveillance will be the main issues to be addressed during these four days of conferences. Organized by American Jail Association (AJA), the purpose of the event is to improve the industry through good practice in the correctional profession through education, research and innovation.

Technology to monitoring life

In this context of innovative and current solutions that attempt to solve the problems of penitentiary centres, Gradiant will contribute its knowledge in technologies that allow the monitoring of life at a distance, like LifeSensor, a system that makes it posible to monitor the respiratory rhythm and the movement of a person in a non-invasive way when they are not in movement.

The use of this technology is currently being explored for the search of living people in adverse scenarios as more and more security forces and rescue teams need to make their work in emergency situations faster and more effective. Gradiant will also presents Alivetor, a sensor installed on an air platform that can detect survivors covered with debris quickly and reliably, thus increasing the chances of saving lives.