EFOROS, Intelligence for Content Marketers

Content editors in the digital media market are currently overwhelmed by the exacerbated volume of content and the lack of filtering tools. In this situation, brands and mass media services have experienced a big reduction in reach and influence.  Content Curation of digital media has a paramount and differentiation value in the cultivation of audience loyalty and the generation of topic authority of brands.


EFOROS focuses in offering technological solutions for the curation of social media content in all its phases: Search, Selection, Sense (give meaning to a content, improve) and Sharing to the target audience. The project will provide digital agencies with innovative technologies for content analysis, content edition and reach measurement through the application of Natural Language Processing (NLP) and the recent advancements in deep learning technologies.

The project was funded under the national program RETOS-Colaboracion 2015 (ERDF · European Regional Development Funds).

EFOROS is coordinated by Elogia (http://elogia.net/), a digital agency specialised in e-commerce and digital market with three main lines of action: 1) Inbound: digital content and social media networks 2) outbound: digital advertisement and 3) digital strategy design and market research. It has an in-depth knowledge of the current technologies and their limitations.

Gradiant (https://www.gradiant.org) (Galician Research and Development Center in Advanced Telecommunications) contributes with their capacity to do research and development of technologies for content analysis.