Gradiant, top 10 in the international competition CVPR 2019


The challenge focused on evaluating the best facial recognition technologies to detect spoofing attacks using multimodal information

The competition was held in the framework of the Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR) event, to be celebrated next week in California. Gradiant is presenting its work focused on facial anti-spoofing

Gradiant did it again. Our biometric technology experts recently participated in ‘Chalearn Workshop on Face Spoofing Attack’ of CVPR 2019, an international competition focused on evaluating the performance of facial biometric systems for spoofing attack detection using multimodal information. The challenge focused on using the latest advances on artificial intelligence research to create robust and accurate anti-spoofing algorithms.

Gradiant’s team ranked worldwide 8th in this competition, with more than 300 biometric technology experts all over the world. The work of our colleagues was in the top 10 teams worldwide and second in the European top, in advance of other leading organizations in facial recognition technology such as Idiap Research Institute or the Institute of Computing Technology (ICT), CAS of China.


The most important machine vision conference in the world

The competition was held within the framework of the Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Congress (CVPR 2019), to take place from June 16th to 20th in Long Beach (California). “CVPR is the international reference event in artificial intelligence applied to artificial vision” pointed out Daniel González, director of Multimodal Information at Gradiant. The team is going to present ‘Deep Anomaly Detection for Generalized Face Anti-Spoofing’ paper in California. It is focused on a facial anti-spoofing proposal for the detection of anomalies by using deep learning techniques without the need to process a whole video, just by using RGB images. With this information, the algorithm we have developed can determine whether the person in the picture is real or it is a spoofing attack. “Presenting our solution in the CVPR, beyond the position obtained in the competition, is a recognition of the quality of Gradiant’s technologies,” Gonzalez said. This work is going to be exhibited in oral and poster format during the event, and attendees can discover our technology in detail on Monday 17th June from 11:00 to 11:20 hours in space 102 B.

As a result of our expertise in biometric facial recognition solutions, we take advantage of our identity verification solutions to solve competition’s challenge: to detect spoofing attacks using multimodal information (information from three information sources: RGB images, depth and IR).


Accredited international background

It’s not the first time that Gradiant gets a great score in a competition like this. Back in 2017, our facial recognition system obtained the highest score in all test at the IJCB 2017 conference, ahead of companies such as FUJITSU Laboratories LTD (Japan), CpqD and University of Campinas (Brazil) or Idiap Research Institute (Switzerland). In addition our colleagues presented our solutions at the most important biometrics congress, the International Conference on Biometrics (ICB 2019).

With more than ten years of experience in biometric research, Gradiant has been able to transfer secure technologies to sectors such as banking, health and security. Following this philosophy, we make available our biometric technologies for mobile devices in three complementary modalities: face, voice and signature recognition.