Gradiant takes part in Clic-IT 2017


One of the international reference in Computational Linguistics


From December 12th to 14th, Rome hosts the 4th edition of the Annual Conference of the Italian Association for Computational Linguistics, AILC, an unmissable event for the research community in the field of computational linguistics, since it covers all aspects of the automatic understanding of the language, both written and oral, and addresses the latest generation of theoretical results, experimental methodologies, technologies and application perspectives, which can contribute to advance in the field.

This year, our colleague Héctor Cerezo, researcher at Intelligent Networked Systems (INetS) department will present the work done for the INRISCO project. “In this work, we compare several Deep Learning solutions to obtain semantic sentence representations”, explains the researcher.

Gradiant’s work in this project has two objectives, which are critical to the success of the system and its acceptance in society: on the one hand, applying Big Data analytics to data gathered in INRISCO, and on the other guaranteeing security and safety of such data. Gradiant will be essentially focused in the transference of the results obtained in INRISCO to the society. For that purpose, the Center will rely on his experience in transferring the results obtained in basic research to the industry.

TThis result is the basis for a rewrite engine, which allows you to change the wording of a text while maintaining the meaning, or for a search tool in which it is not necessary to use exact keywords,” explains Cerezo.