Senior Software Engineer (OF1017)

Senior Software Engineer (OF1017)

We are looking for experienced software engineers to help us improving our codebase, automating our releases, and adding awesome new features to our biometrics products.

About us:

  • Our team, comprising 4 PhDs, has over 12 years of experience in Biometrics, Computer Vision and Machine Learning: researchers and software developers working together with the aim of creating technology that actually works in real world scenarios.
  • Our proprietary biometric recognition technology has been transferred to sectors such as Banking, Health, Time & Attendance, and Access Control.
  • Different companies around the world integrate Gradiant’s biometric technology.
  • Due to our rapid growth in the past years, new markets and opportunities are emerging. New challenges require us to continuously improve our software and speed up our releases.

About you:

  • You are passionate about software development: proficient in some technologies and always eager to learn new stuff and try different approaches.
  • You know what agile software development really means, and you are familiar with xp practices such as Pair Programming, Continuous Integration or TDD.
  • You are crazy about automating stuff and speeding up processes by using any tool within reach. Your Code is Clean and easy to follow because you care about stuff like that.
  • You have provable experience with object orientation (C++ or Java- like languages preferably) and know the challenges and advantages of OO.
  • You have implemented and/or optimized algorithms (of any kind). You are definitely interested in machine learning and computer vision, though maybe you haven’t had the experience of working with them … until now 🙂

About our daily work at the Biometrics team:

  • Our current technology stack is C++ (core libraries), Java and Android/iOS, while our researchers build prototypes in Python, C++ and Matlab.
  • We automate builds and testing by using Jenkins.
  • We do TDD and use automated testing, and we really want you to share your know-how with us.
  • We know what refactoring means, and we value reviewing our code from time to time and get rid of coupling and code smells.

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