SealSign integration with the Azure Key Vault

ElevenPaths and Microsoft, thanks to Gradiant technology, have integrated the Azure Key Vault into the SealSign platform. This partnership provides a server-based digital signature and certificate safekeeping service, based on HSM, with a high degree of security, scalability and performance.

Security and electronic signature for any enterprise

ElevenPaths, Microsoft and Gradiant have collaborated to allow companies to benefit from an advanced platform for electronic signatures and digital certificate safekeeping, integrated with a cloud service for HSM devices, through a simple pay-for-use model.

Big Data applied: Spark vs Flink

  Just as the term Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been despised for many years, right in 2017 ‘Big Data’ begins something that generates more rejection than acceptance due to daily wear and bombing. Everything is Big Data and everything is solved with Big Data. But then, what do we do those whom work on Big […]

Interoperability, key element for CDSS

Interoperability allows different systems and applications to communicate with each other, favouring that providers can access and integrate information regardless of the system the data is stored in.

Learning Analytics, current challenges

Retos actuales en Learning Analytics - Gradiant

The first of a series of articles to analyze the relationship between technology and education, technology improvements in different educational domains (school, higher education, corporate), the latest trends in educational innovation or the situation of our environment in this framework.